Bud, Not Buddy

Curtis, C. (1999). Bud, Not Buddy. NY: Delacorte Books for Young Readers .

John Newbery Award, 2000
Coretta Scott King Award, 2000

Set against the historical backdrop of the Jazz Era during the Depression, Bud will have you howling out loud with laughter, talking back to the book, and cheering on ten-year 368468old Bud Caldwell. Bud (NOT Buddy – there’s a lot to a name!) has been bounced from home to foster home since his mama died when he was six. He’s never known his father, but he has himself convinced his dad must be the famous jazz musician, Herman E. Calloway, because his mama always kept posters of his band. When Bud finds himself on the lam from the Home, he sets off through cardboard jungles and goes on the rails to search for his father. Bud is fortunate enough to own his own suitcase (all the other boys at the Home have to put their belongings in a paper bag or pillow case) where he carefully stores the posters, along with a blanket, and other important necessities that make for a travelling home.

Bud’s sense of humour shows periodically; “Bud Caldwell’s Rules and Things to have a Funner

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Kadohata, C. (2004). Kira-Kira. New York: Atheneum Books for Young Readers.

Newbery Medal (2005)

“Kira-Kira: The Japanese word for glittering—those beautiful things in the world that are sources of happiness, such as the sky, the stars, and flowers.” -Encyc

Kira-Kira was Katie’s first word. Her sister, Lynn, taught it to her and it has been one of the many connections of their sisterhood. Kira-Kira by Cynthia Kadohata is historical89731
fiction for ages ten to fourteen and has been awarded a Newbery Medal. The plot follows these two sisters after their family relocates to Georgia in the southern United States where they experience racism because they are Japanese. Katie especially struggles to adjust to her new environment, but with Lynn’s help she manages to feel like herself again, finding beauty all around her. Then the most tragic thing happens. Lynn becomes feverish, bedridden, and Katie’s life begins to turn around again with trouble in school and socially since her sister is her best friend. Although her Continue reading