The Fire Thief

Deary, T. (2007). The Fire Thief. NY: Kingfisher.

The Fire Thief is a funny story set in 1858 about a young boy and his uncle who are robbers. But they only steal from the rich. One day the boy, Jim, meets Prometheus who has time travelled from the dawn of time to escape the wrath of the gods after gifting humanity with fire. Jim and Prometheus become fast friends and Prometheus is content with his hiding spot. But then Jim gets tangled up with trouble from his criminal acts and in order to help him Prometheus must use magic, which will ruin his hiding spot and alert his presence to the gods.

We Should Hang Out Sometime: Embarrassingly, a True Story

Sundquist, J. (2014). We Should Hang Out Sometime: Embarrassingly, a True Story. NY: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers.

When author, YouTuber, and Paralympic Skier Josh Sundquist was in his early 20s he realized he only ever had a girlfriend once, for 23 hours, in grade 8. And now as an adult, weshouldhangoutsometime Continue reading