Red Rising

Brown P. (2014). Red Rising. NY: Random House.

Darrow lives on Mars. He works with his fellow people, mining a substance known as helium-3 deep underground so that they can make the surface livable for future generations. 15839976.jpgHe’s a Red, the lowest class in a future society where people are bred to do certain tasks. Reds are the slaves that toil away underground to supply helium-3, Obsidians are the seven foot tall warriors solely meant for war, and Golds are the top of society, intelligent, strong and bred to lead. For as long as anyone in Darrow’s mine can remember, they were the pioneers of Mars, working hard so that in the future, people may live on the surface of Mars; however, Darrow soon finds out that people have lived on the surface for over 200 years. Betrayed by the society, Darrow enlists into the Sons of Ares, a terrorist cell, trying to stop the slavery of the Reds. He is then sent on a mission to infiltrate the Institute, a deadly school for the Golds, where hundreds of Golds are split up into different houses. Darrow must blend in as a Gold in order to maintain his secret and stay alive.

A fast-paced book with fantastic characters, and world building on a galactic level, Red Rising is simply a must read for anyone interested in science fiction.

2 thoughts on “Red Rising

  1. Should appeal to young readers who love SF and dystopia. We used to have much more about fifteen years ago and then contemporary YA took off. But there is a return of these novels. I think they remain timely. But of course what was SF a while back is now what we live, so authors have to be much more creative. And yes, take their characters to Mars.


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