Turtles all the Way Down

Green J. (2017) Turtles all the Way Down. Dutton Books.

“The problem with happy endings is that they’re either not really happy, or not really endings, you know? In real life, some things get better and some things get worse. And eventually you die.”

Turtles all the way Down is the newest John Green young adult book. His story follows a girl in high school named Aza Holmes. Aza struggles 35504431.jpgfrom Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). The most enjoyable part of this novel was watching how Aza and her friend, Daisy’s relationship changes, varying from so bad they crashed a car, to great and hanging out with each other all the time. Eventually, Aza needs to decide between doing the right thing and keeping a friend. I have read many books about teens suffering from OCD, but every time I read another, I learn something new. This time could see how every different person has their own personal way of dealing with their troubles. My expectations were pretty large since I was excited to read my first ever John Green book. Despite the fact that a lot of people I knew didn’t seem so excited about the books John Green writes, this book definitely exceeded my expectations. Possibly because it was, again, my first John Green book.

4 thoughts on “Turtles all the Way Down

  1. After Looking for Alaska, which is Green’s first novel, this new one is my next favorite. The way he treats this heartbreaking topic is both moving and effective. I also like the funny parts, which make the book THE best about OCD. This is a theme very close to home, and since John Green is himself dealing with OCD it is the most authentic book for young readers ever written on this subject.
    His writing is brilliant as always, but this is the courage he took to write about OCD that I admire most in this novel. There are also many other layers to explore, which is always such a great addition to any book.
    If you have not read anything from Green, I highly recommend Looking for Alaska. His best work in my opinion.


    1. Wow, I didn’t know John Green was dealing with OCD. That makes me look at the book in a different light. My next John Green book will definitely be Looking for Alaska.

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