Fourth Dimension

Walters E. (2018). Fourth Dimension. NY: Penguin Teen.

Emma thinks that moving into a new city in a new condo is the worst of her problems. Her ex-marine mother has recently gone through a divorce and to make up for the move35135782.jpg and the drama, she decides to bring Emma and her brother on a camping trip to one of the nearby islands just offshore. Emma, being the typical 15 year old she is, doesn’t want to go, but eventually relents. As Emma, her mom, and her brother are making their way down to the water with their canoe and supplies, a huge power outage hits the whole city. Emma’s mother decides that this won’t impede their camping trip and that they can wait it out on the island, away from civilization. This decision saves their lives. Because as the days pass with no sign of the power returning and cell phones, cars, and computers all around dead, Emma and her family watch from afar as the city descends into chaos. Emma’s mother has a very tough choice to make about what to do and this decision will decide whether or not Emma’s family will survive or perish in an apocalyptic world.

Set in the same universe as The Rule of Three, the Fourth Dimension is a surprisingly great first book in a sequel series to the fantastic original trilogy, which included The Rule of Three, Fight for Power, and Will to Survive. It picks up the same pace and tone from the originals but with likeable new characters and a fresh new twist. While there is a sizeable crossover with the original books, there’s only a brief cameo from two of the main characters from the original books.


Original Trilogy:

#1 The Rule of Three:              #2 Fight for Power:                 #3 Will to Survive:

17934467.jpg          21469162.jpg          21897654.jpg

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