Sanderson B. (2013). Steelheart. NY: Delacorte Press.

David was just a child when the first Epics came. A huge object called Calamity appeared in the sky, and only a year later, select people all around17182126.jpg the world gained supernatural powers and abilities. Unfortunately the power corrupted, driving the Epics to greed and power. Steelheart is one such Epic whom David had the misfortune to meet one fateful day at a bank. It was two years after the Calamity and the world was mostly the same. David was at the bank with his father when an Epic named Deathpoint strolls in and claims the city, telling everyone that he rules over them. Just seconds later, however, an invincible, incredibly powerful Epic named Steelheart comes flying in to confront Deathpoint. Steelheart  reclaims the city for himself and gives Deathpoint a choice, serve him or die. As the government soldiers come crashing through the door and chaos ensues, something incredible happens: Steelheart bleeds. David’s father shot a bullet that ended up accidentally grazing Steelheart. Every Epic has a fatal weakness and even though Steelheart is one of the invincible Epics that cannot be hurt by anything, every Epic has a weakness, and David’s father accidentally triggered Steelheart’s weakness. To retain this secret, Steelheart kills anyone who saw him bleed that day; however, there is one survivor: David. While David may not know exactly what Steelheart’s weakness is, he is determined to have his revenge, no matter how long it takes.

I’ve seen Steelheart bleed.
And I will see him bleed again.


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