Genius, The Game

Gout , L. (2016). Genius, The Game. New York: Feiwel & Friends.

Picture this: two hundred of the smartest teenagers in the world, handpicked by the CEOs of the most innovative companies out there, all gathered in one city and they’re all there 25689033for one reason, to win the annual Ond-scan game.

The story follows three main protagonists:

Tunde, an engineer that can build anything, and has a problem with a terrorist General who’s forcing him to build a gps jammer to aid his unethical forces.

Painted Wolf, a blogger who exposes corrupt business people, and has parents who would disown her if they found out.

Rex, a genius coder who’s coded a program built to find his missing brother that can only run on a quantum computer, luckily for him, at The Game, there is a quantum computer.

A team of three geniuses ready to take on anything the world throws at them? Yeah, I’d be scared if I were their enemy too. You’d better strap in, because this is a rollercoaster of a ride.


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