Anya’s Ghost

Brosgol, V. (2011). Anya’s Ghost. New York: First Second.

9615347Anya’s Ghost is an alluring story about what would happen if your best friend were a ghost. What could this ghost, who can shrink down to a small size, do to help you with your social life or your grades? And most importantly, what would she want in return? Anya is worried about fitting in, embarrassed about being a Russian immigrant, and is generally a girl going through the typical struggles of being a high schooler, when one morning she falls down a hole and lands next to a skeleton. Oh not to worry; the ghost girl belonging to the skeleton is of the friendly sort; however the last thing insecure Anya wants is a ghost following her to school!

Vera Brosgol, the creator of this graphic novel, was a storyboard artist for the animated film version of Coraline. She maintains her sophisticated style here.

Four out of five stars. Comfortably creepy!

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