The Leaving

Altebrando, T. (2016). The Leaving. New York: Bloomsbury Publishing.26073074

Out of the blue six kindergarteners disappear one day, and if that isn’t enough of a mystery, five of them magically reappear eleven years later. At sixteen years old, they return to their homes and are expected to adjust to a normal life, yet they can not even remember where they’ve been, what’s happened to them, or why their friend, Max, is not with them anymore.

The story is told from varying points of view and does become discombobulating. The forced romance doesn’t help to clear anything up either, but The Leaving remains addictive until the end, when the it wraps up with an answer to this thriller that is satisfactory, even if it’s not utterly gratifying.

Three out of five stars – let’s give it up for page turners


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