Any Questions?


Gay, M. (2014). Caramba. Toronto: Groundwood Books.

A thought-provoking new release from Marie-Louise Gay, this picturebook aims to not only answer questions but more importantly, incite children to keep asking questions. Often children will express an interest in where stories come from and how a book is made, and Gay inspires children to capture their imaginations on paper. Via a creative tag-team approach, author and characters collaborate on writing and illustrating a story. Postmodern in style, a meta story therefore ensues.

Marie-Louise Gay has doodled, collaged, and painted words and pictures including, but not limited to, her Stella and Sam characters, snails, penguins sledding, cats riding on paper airplanes, and mushroom-devouring beasts. The large format provides the viewer with ample space to appreciate the beasts, giants and elephants alike. Gay has made an enjoyable array of illustrations. The varying fonts, speech bubbles and overarching energy present a pleasurable read.

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