McLerran, A. (1991). Roxaboxen. New York: Scholastic Inc.

Captured are the power of imagination and the magic of childhood in this nostalgic tale based on real events. Constructed from rocks and boxes, “Roxaboxen”, is an entire town filled with a town hall, two ice cream shops, and a jail with an uncomfortable cactus floor for those caught speeding in their make believe cars. This reflective narrative makes it clear that broken desert glass, white and black stones, and old cardboard crates are all the neighbourhood children needed to connect with each other and grow as individuals. And to create an entire world all their own.

Barbara Cooney illustrates this Arizona hilltop location with a palette of desert colours, all blending gracefully into one another. The saturated hues pull heavily at our heartstrings, making the reader feel homesick for their own childhood and the absolute purity that accompanied their inventive play.

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