Gay, M. (2005). Caramba. Toronto: Groundwood Books.

Marilyn Baillie Picture Book Award (2006)

Cats can fly?! Well yes, surely everybody knows that! And we are once again thrust into the wild world of Marie-Louise Gay as she presents Caramba, the cat who sadly could not fly. The reader is then privy to a story of being different and the challenges which accompany being unique. Caramba finds his own gift in the end, through an unexpected turn of events. Lighthearted and humorous, themes such as differences, failure, friendship, the unexpected are explored. The visual impact of Marie-Louise Gay’s signature style brings delight each time the page is turned. Her cats are incredibly huggable with their large heads, round middles and human-like noses.  Soft blues and greens dance around the airy, wavy watercolours that are full of movement. Pencil and pastel are utilized as well, and helps to dress up the cats in trousers and dresses. The quirky story would not be nearly as impactful without Gay’s fluid lines and style.

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