The Way Back Home

Jeffers, O. (2007). The Way Back Home. London: Harper Collins Children’s Books.

The third in Jeffers’ boy series.

The story kicks off with an intertextual nod to the second of the series, Lost and Found, as the boy pulls a boat into his house to store. He finds an aeroplane in the closet and not remembering that he put it there, he reasons it’s a good idea to go for a trip to the moon. After running out of gas on the moon, he surprisingly meets someone else who is likewise, in a predicament. The themes of teamwork, empathy, common goals, and communication are explored while the two manage to solve their problems and part ways.

The childlike watercolours have simple lines but are able to provide substantial information on body language and emotion. The reader gleans all they need to know about how the boy feels stranded on the moon by the way his body is tilted as he peers down to look at the earth. Jeffers uses two dots for the eyes, and while this can be tricky to do, he knows exactly where to place them for maximum impact.

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