At the Same Moment Around the World

Perrin, C. (2014). At the Same Moment Around the World. San Francisco, California: Chronicle Books, LLC.

Originally published in France as Au même instant, sur la Terre (2011)

This jam-packed, delightful concept book takes the reader around the world, exploring what different children are doing at the same moment, whether it be night or day where they live. Different cultures are examined as Benedict drinks hot chocolate, Ravshan and Yuliya return from the market on a donkey, and Pablo has magical dreams. But are they more different or more similar to one another? Early timekeeping, the invention of timekeeping, and Greenwich Mean Time are addressed in an extensive glossary. Also at the back of the book is a large pull-out map of the world that labels each character’s home.

The book is presented  in a vertical format with rich, detailed illustrations that provide clues to the unique and special characteristics of its place. There is a whimsical nature and the art is reminiscent of vintage fairy tales. The pencil drawings are colourized digitally, making the hues luxurious and the overall tone bewitching.

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