Peggy: a brave chicken on a big adventure

Walker, A. (2012). Peggy: a brave chicken on a big adventure. New York: Clarion Books.

A simple story of a chicken named Peggy who enjoys playing on the trampoline in her yard everyday until one big gust of wind takes her on an unexpected journey to the city. She eats spaghetti, chats with people, and with the help of some pigeons, finds her way home again. Although there was not an overdose of adventure, there were touches of sophisticated humour, best shown when Peggy notices herself on the multitude of television screens in a store front window and stares at herself inquisitively with her head tilted. Peggy refuses to let anything get her down and ruin her good time, from the initial gust of wind to the rain to being lost in a city. With high spirits she takes care of herself and eventually arrives home all without panicking.

The watercolours are welcoming. They reflect Peggy’s calm but optimistic and detail-oriented outlook on life. Anna Walker is playful on many pages, not only with the content of her storyline but also with the structure of her illustrations. At one point she sequences Peggy’s daily activities at home within small polaroid snapshots, moving our eye across the page.


One thought on “Peggy: a brave chicken on a big adventure

  1. Well, how you gonna’ keep her down on the farm after she’s seen…..

    Believe that Peggy thereafter catches the train to the city on occasion. She’s got spunk!


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