Wild Berries

Flett, J. (2013). Wild Berries. Vancouver, British Columbia: Simply Read Books.

Awards: First Nation Communities READ (2014-2015)

Author Illustrator Julie Flett delivers a picture book set in both English and Cree. There are actually two editions: a bilingual English-Cree dialect version and one in a Cree dialect. In the English-Cree version, one Cree vocabulary word is highlighted on each page. A pronunciation guide follows at the end of the story.

Clarence and his grandmother have always gone blueberry picking together. Here they are, on a typical trip to the woods, picking both sweet and sour blueberries together and meeting the woodland animals. It is a very simple and content tale.

Browns, blacks and yellow-greens with a strong pop of salient red make up Flett’s stylistic images. The warm, muted colours and tones as well as the simplicity lend a peaceful and calming essence to the book. Her illustrations are done in collage and are reminiscent of printmaking.


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