Sarah So Small

Gréban, T. (2000). Sarah So Small. Belgium: Mijade Publications.

An international best seller.

As a consequence of mistakenly swallowing a pearl her father snatched from a witch, Sarah is shrinking little by little! Soon enough she is taking her baths in teacups, and her parents can not allow her to go to school anymore. Her friends become animals, with whom she can now magically speak and understand. Sarah is determined to fix her problem without waiting for her father to give the witch an apology, and along with her friends’ support she formulates a plan. “I’m as small as you are,” says Victor. “You are not alone. Come along.” Strong themes of bravery, independence and friendship are celebrated.

Tanguy Gréban and Quentin Gréban are brothers and their simpatico translates to a rewarding experience between text and illustration. Quentin Gréban’s soft watercolours are done mostly in yellow and blue hues with salient red features. The left side’s composition pulls the reader’s eye and places us directly in the picture on the right page, a full spread without a boarder.


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